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Our Sponsors

We need sponsors just like you to help us make the biggest impact! 

Logo + Social Media sponsorship starts at only $250. Contact us today and help us help the hungry!

Our 2023 Goal - 6000 Food Items!

Our 21st year was another great year. Donations from our sponsors, the community, and our friends at Oktoberfest helped us donate over 5400 items of food to the hungry of the Coulee Region. That was about 900 less than 2021 - let's get back over 6000 this year! The meter directly below shows the cumulative progress from all groups for 2023. 

Please note this meter above is the actual cash donations plus food items. The competition charts below reflect a bonus in the tally when a donation of $250 or more is made. Therefore, the competition charts will always add up to more than the actual cash plus food donations.

Oktoberfest USA Competition

Each year, the four major groups of Oktoberfest have a friendly food/fundraising competition to help the hungry. Their monetary efforts are shown below and are included in the main meter above. Thank you to everyone at Oktoberfest for helping us help the hungry! 

NEW FOR 2023 - Welcome Visiting Dignitaries! The "Vis Digs" are Royal Family members from Festivals who visit Oktoberfest each year including St. Paul Winter Carnival, Festival du Voyageur (Winnipeg), and Minneapolis Aquatenial. Thank you for your support!

Community Donations

The individual donations add up!. Our sponsors, friends, family members from our local community and beyond make a big impact each year.

Still Have Questions?

Visit our About Us and FAQ pages. Please note these links will open in a new window.

The most common question we get is are you a 501c3 charitable organization? The simple answer is no. We have never wanted to spend money on the legal fees it would take to establish a 501c3 instead of spending money on food donations. Our books are open to anyone and we typically carry over less than $100 each year for the purpose of keeping our bank account active. If you are an attorney or know of one who would be willing donate their services to help us set-up a 501c3, please contact us at [email protected]

Registration For the Parade, Meal, and/or Donation

Please select the box(es) below that apply. If you select either the Parade or the Meal, you'll have the opportunity to donate as part of your registration.

  • Join us for a lighted, evening parade to benefit local area food pantries while fostering fellowship and good cheer between Jeepers. You'll need lights to decorate your Jeep.

  • Join us at Kramer's Bar & Grill after the parade. Kramer's has a variety of food and beverages to warm you after the ride.

  • If you are unable to join us for the ride or are not a Jeeper, but still want to help, select this option to only make a donation.

Driver Details

All drivers must have a valid Driver's License.
All Jeeps must be registered, insured and street-legal in the state of registration.
By submitting this form you certify that the driver and Jeep meet these requirements.

Age should be 16 or greater as of December 16th, 2023

Jeep Details

Jeep Food Ride is a free event. We do not charge an admission fee to attend. All we ask is that you bring a minimum of two (2) full bags of non-perishable food per adult in your Jeep to participate in the Jeep Food Ride.

If you wish to make an additional monetary donation, we will add your donation to our bulk shopping the before the ride to be donated during the parade.

Note to Oktoberfest USA Donors: Be sure to select your group below so you are credited properly in the competition.

Win a Jeep Jamboree USA Entry! For donations of $50 or more, you'll be entered to win entry for two, courtesy of Jeep Jamboree USA (Prize is for a single Jeep, excludes Adventure, Expedition, or Signature trips. Does not includes travel expenses or lodging. Estimated value is $700-$1100. Other exclusions may apply).

  • $50 = 1 entry, $100 = 3 entries, $200 = 7 entries, above $200 scales appropriately. 
  • Non-Jeep owners may opt for a gift certificate to Kramer's Bar & Grill (for locals) or a VISA gift card (outside La Crosse area). Certificate value will be at least $100.
  • When making a donation of $50 or more, you'll need to select your choice


In consideration of being permitted to participate in any part of this event, I HEREBY RELEASE all personal, trail guides, land owners, support staff, supporting organizations, parent
corporations, subsidiaries, officers, directors, promoters, sponsors, employees, and agents ("releases") of all liability to me, whether caused by the negligent act or omission of releases or otherwise while I am for any purpose participating in such event. I fully understand that there is some inherent risk associated with this event, including damage to vehicles.

IN ADDITION, I AGREE TO INDEMNIFY AND HOLD HARMLESS the releases from any loss, liability, damage, or cost they incur due to such participation by me and any passengers (including minors) whether caused by releases' negligence or otherwise, and AGREE TO ASSUME FULL RESPONSIBILITY AND RISK for any bodily injury, death, or property damage from releases' negligence or otherwise while participating at this event.

I UNDERSTAND that I will be required to sign a waiver in order to participate in this event.
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